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The Magic of Flute and Guitar


Ogura and Ourkouzounov presented a diverse, appealing program for flute and guitar, featuring their arrangements of 20th-century music by both jazz and classical composers, along with several of their own compositions. Ourkouzounov is an excellent composer who, much like Dusan Bogdanovic, highlights the asymmetric rhythms and modal harmonies of Eastern Europe, as well as idiomatic and coloristic effects, as the basis for a personal style.

His Babini devetini (Old wives’ tales), for flute and guitar, was given its premiere performance and is a fine example of the potential of the idiom, with its exciting interplay between the instruments, beautiful sonorities, and intriguing extended techniques. Illusions Sonores #2: Extension, for solo guitar, showcased Ourkouzounov’s mastery of classical formal development and was given an absolutely brilliant performance.

Claude Debussy and Béla Bartók were the other classical composers on the program. Ogura gave a sensitive performance of Syrinx, for solo flute, that was languorous and supple, like a rhapsodic improvisation. La plus que lente was arranged from the piano original for flute and guitar, and Ogura and Ourkouzounov gave Debussy’s subtle, rhythmically challenging valse lente an ideal interpretation. Bartók’s Sonatina, with its use of Romanian folk music in a classically composed piece, provided an appropriate precedent for Ourkouzounov’s works.

The enthusiastic audience was rewarded with an encore arrangement of a Romanian folk dance, which Mie Ogura played with breathtaking virtuosity on a small, high-pitched instrument that she bought from Gypsies at a fair. For his part, Atanas Ourkouzounov accompanied most creatively, with both hands tapping the fingerboard


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         CD Review from the Danish guitar magazine , january 2014

"This is the second live CD from this fantastic duo that it is my pleasure to review. I may repeat myself in this review since certainly the same kind of superlatives come to the mind.

It is world class duo playing! As I see it, Atanas is one of the finest guitarists on today's international guitar scene. His superb technique is totally in the favour of the music, and he is one of the most technically impeccable guitarists I have ever heard. However, at no point do we feel that the perfectionism comes in the way of the artistry. This is seldomly seen in the world of guitarists.

I am not qualified to judge Mie Ogura's qualities as a flutist, but what I can undoubtedly confirm is that she plays handsomely, sensitively, dramatically – and certainly always ”to the limit”.... Together they form a perfect unit. The recording was made by Leif Hesselberg – the result is a very handsome and natural sound.

The first tracks on the CD are 3 evergreens by George Gershwin: ”I Love You Porgy”, ”The Man I Love” and ”I Got Rythm”. They all produce an immense joy for the ear – and the swung feeling towards the end of the latter piece is a true delight.

Then follow Atanas's own composition ”Babini devetini” - a modern piece in 5 short movements - using – at first - a tonal language very much based on the different options of tone production of the instrument – followed by enticing rythmic sections using special effects on the flute as well as on the guitar.

Then follow 2 pieces by Claude Debussy: The evocative flute solo ”Syrinx” after which the guitar rejoins the flute in ”La plus que lente”. To follow, we are invited on a trip to Spain through Chick Corea's ”Crystal Silence”.

Mie Ogura's composition ”Agadez” is also rhythmically virtuosic, presenting considerable challenges for the flutist as well as for the guitarist – we are dealing with a tonal universe clearly inspired by the South American music. Atanas Ourkouzounov's work ”Extension” is another piece in which the rendition of brilliant and advanced rhytms hits the ear, but this time round the listener's mind travels to Eastern Europe – given the melodic and harmonic language.

The following piece, Bela Bartok's beautiful-sounding miniature ”Sonatine” is a delightful, humoristic item and to close the party, we get ”African Rondo” - composed by the duo members in conjunction. As the title suggests, the source of inspiration is African music.

Overall a marvellous journey throughout the world in the company of a duo mastering just about all styles: jazz, classical, contemporary and folklore. "

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         CD Review from the Danish guitar magazine , january 2013

"Atanas is a clever guitarist with a fine musicality and an unusually good sense of rythm. He reminds me about the brazilian Assad Brothers, with his smooth and virtouse technique,and his music sounds immediately fascinating with its ethnical sound and rythmical drive."

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14 january 2013 , "L'independant"

"L'alliance de la grâce et du génie. Le duo composé par la flûtiste japonaise Mie Ogura et le guitariste bulgare Atanas Ourkouzounov est un ravissement pour les yeux et les oreilles."


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