Video from New CD "Autopotrait II" - "Toccathcenitsa"  (august 2017) :


"Toccathcenitsa"  for  guitar solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(july 2017) :



"Cinq Impasses"  for  guitar solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(june 2017) :

cinq impasses


"Trakiiska Elegia"  for  guitar solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(april 2017) :



"Micro infinity III"  for  cello solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(march 2017) :



"Waves & Sands"  for  guitar solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(february 2017) :



"3 figures fractales"  for  guitar solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(january 2017) :



World premiere of "Trois Balkanesques" - for guitar solo      (november 2016) :


"Scherzo pour quatre"  for  flute , violin and two guitars  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(november 2016) :



New CD "Exils"   

Rémi Jousselme - guitare (october 2016)

Works by  Takemitsu & Ourkouzounov.

 Contrastes Records 2016 :



"Broken Grooves"  for  two guitars  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(october 2016) :

Broken grooves


"Formes aléatoires"  for  flute & guitar  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(september 2016) :



World premiere of "Motus Bulgaricus" - performed by Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (august 2016) :


New CD "Miscelanea Guitar Quartet in Swirling modes"   Miscelanea Guitar Quartet (august 2016)

Works by Ourkouzounov.

 Doberman-Yppan 2016 , DO 1045:

CD miscelanea
miscelanea CD 2


"Cinq nuances modales"  for  guitar solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(july 2016) :

5 nuances


"Sonate N°4"  for  guitar solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(june 2016) :

Sonate N°4-cover


World premiere of "Micro Infiny II" - for flute solo , performed by Mie Ogura (may 2016) :


World premiere of "Concerto Infini" - for guitar & orchestra , performed by Zoran Dukic (april 2016) :




"Micro infinity II"  for  flute solo  published by Doberman-Yppan (march 2016) :



"Eastern Songs"  for  guitar solo  published by Doberman-Yppan 

(february 2016) :



"Micro infinity I"  for  violin solo  published by Doberman-Yppan (november 2015) :



"Concerto infini"  for  guitar and orchestra  published by Doberman-Yppan (november 2015) :



 My piece "Trois dimensions modales" ( will be the set piece for the next International Guitar Competition in Antony (France) , april 2016 :

concours guitare 2016 120


"Trois balkanesques"  for  guitar solo published by Doberman-Yppan (july 2015) :



CD Review from the French Guitar Magazine , (june 2015):

Guitare Classique 2015


Antwerpen Gitaar Festival , 2015 GUITAR COMPETITION (28-29 november) - 

These are the titles of the imposed pieces of this year's guitar competition in November  focussing on contemporary Bulgarian composer Atanas Ourkouzounov. One or more movements from the following pieces may be chosen, to be played in both rounds of the competition: "Sept Brèves Énigmes" (Category B from 10 to 15 years of age) and "Greek Miniatures" / "Fairy Tale" / "Kaleidoscore" (Category A from 15 to 20 years of age).


for more information:


"Trois dimensions modales"  for  guitar solo published by Doberman-Yppan (may 2015) :



"Motus bulgaricus "  for  4 guitars published by Doberman-Yppan (april 2015) :



"Figures de style"  for  2 guitars published by Doberman-Yppan (march 2015) :



World premiere of "Postlude in Green" - hommage à Takemitsu  for guitar solo (february 2015) :


"Revolving lantern"  for  4 guitars published by Doberman-Yppan (january 2015) :

Revolving lantern


"Tanzologia"  for  violin and guitar published by Doberman-Yppan (december 2014) :



CD Review from the Danish Guitar Magazine , (november 2014):

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"I have previously praised this duo highly, and I am happy to do so again. They possess an outstanding musical and technical level. Just the mere fact that they deliver one flawless CD after the other withoout losing musicality and joy of performing is very unusual.
This CD is a mixture of previous recordings – live and from studio.
All of the music is composed by Atanas Ourkouzounov and published on Dobberman-Yppan (Canada).
The first piece ”Sonatina” (1999) has 3 movements: A rythmically swinging Bulgarian dance followed by a slow movement ”Comme un chant”. The guitar and the flute are perfectly balanced: Thin, airy tones from the flute blended with crystal clear harmonics from the guitar. To finish, we get a joyful and charming little Serbian rondo. Great!

The title piece ”Bul-Bop”, composed in 2009, is in a slighty more modern style. We har dynamic rythms - and the flute really sings. After this follows a cute little suite ”Three East Tales”, composed 2009-2010. It is delightfully melodious - containing sounds and rythms from Eastern Europe.
”4 Legendes” (a 4 movement piece) also has folcloristic roots and posseses a touch of humor.
”Babini Devinti” from 2012 is a suite in 5 movements written in a modern tonal language. Lively, rythmically dynamic movements interchange with slow, dreamy movements characterized by tonal density and variety.
We get plenty of airy sounds from the flute and many timbral effects on the guitar: Harmonics, pizzicato, playing with the left hand alone, etc.
”Labyrinthes” in 3 movements starts off with a cadenza for guitar, followed by an interlude for the flute, in which we hear both singing and blowing from the flute. To finish, the two soloists join each other in a virtuoso bursting toccata.
This CD presents world class conermporary chamber music. Atanas's music bursts joyfully and has a nice timbre, but the magic decreases upon hearing the entire CD.
So the advice is: Enjoy it bit by bit – or even better: See the duo live!
The CD can be obtained from Dobberman-Yppan."


"4 Figures Acoustiques"  for  4 guitars published by Doberman-Yppan (october 2014) :



CD Review from Classical Guitar Magazine , (september 2014):

Bul-Bob Panting julliet 2014


"Postlude in Green" (hommage à Takemitsu) for  guitar solo published by Doberman-Yppan (july 2014) :



"Flowing modes" for violin &  guitar published by Doberman-Yppan (june 2014) :



World premiere of "Flowing modes" performed by Eiichi Chijiiwa & Atanas Ourkouzounov (may 2014) :


- Sonate N°3 "Cycling modes" for solo guitar published by Doberman-Yppan (may 2014) :



New CD "Bul-Bop" - flute & guitar  with  Mie Ogura (february 2014)

Works by Ourkouzounov.

 Doberman-Yppan 2014 , DO 858:



CD Review from the Danish Guitar Magazine , (january 2014):

Anmeldelse af CDen Something else fra Guitaren januar 2014

"This is the second live CD from this fantastic duo that it is my pleasure to review. I may repeat myself in this review since certainly the same kind of superlatives come to the mind.

It is world class duo playing! As I see it, Atanas is one of the finest guitarists on today's international guitar scene. His superb technique is totally in the favour of the music, and he is one of the most technically impeccable guitarists I have ever heard. However, at no point do we feel that the perfectionism comes in the way of the artistry. This is seldomly seen in the world of guitarists.

I am not qualified to judge Mie Ogura's qualities as a flutist, but what I can undoubtedly confirm is that she plays handsomely, sensitively, dramatically – and certainly always ”to the limit”.... Together they form a perfect unit. The recording was made by Leif Hesselberg – the result is a very handsome and natural sound.

The first tracks on the CD are 3 evergreens by George Gershwin: ”I Love You Porgy”, ”The Man I Love” and ”I Got Rythm”. They all produce an immense joy for the ear – and the swung feeling towards the end of the latter piece is a true delight.

Then follow Atanas's own composition ”Babini devetini” - a modern piece in 5 short movements - using – at first - a tonal language very much based on the different options of tone production of the instrument – followed by enticing rythmic sections using special effects on the flute as well as on the guitar.

Then follow 2 pieces by Claude Debussy: The evocative flute solo ”Syrinx” after which the guitar rejoins the flute in ”La plus que lente”. To follow, we are invited on a trip to Spain through Chick Corea's ”Crystal Silence”.

Mie Ogura's composition ”Agadez” is also rhythmically virtuosic, presenting considerable challenges for the flutist as well as for the guitarist – we are dealing with a tonal universe clearly inspired by the South American music. Atanas Ourkouzounov's work ”Extension” is another piece in which the rendition of brilliant and advanced rhytms hits the ear, but this time round the listener's mind travels to Eastern Europe – given the melodic and harmonic language.

The following piece, Bela Bartok's beautiful-sounding miniature ”Sonatine” is a delightful, humoristic item and to close the party, we get ”African Rondo” - composed by the duo members in conjunction. As the title suggests, the source of inspiration is African music.

Overall a marvellous journey throughout the world in the company of a duo mastering just about all styles: jazz, classical, contemporary and folklore. "


-"Perspectives Impaires" (2012) for guitar solo - world premiere ,

(january 2014):


"Concerto da camera" for guitar and string quartet performed in Sion (december 2013):


"Six Earth Figures" for piano solo  published by Doberman-Yppan (november 2013):



New CD "Something else" - flute & guitar with Mie Ogura  

live recording (september 2013)

Works by Gershwin, Bartok, Debussy, Ourkouzounov, Ogura.

H&S Music 2013 , HS-1005


"Perspectives impaires" for solo guitar published by Doberman-Yppan (september 2013):



CD Review from Classical Guitar Magazine , (september 2013):



"Swirling modes" for 4 guitars published by Doberman-Yppan (july 2013):


"Divertissement à trois" for violin , cello & guitar  published by Doberman-Yppan (june 2013):


World premiere of "Swirling modes" performed by Miscelanea 

Guitar Quartet (may 2013):


World premiere of  "Divertissement à trois" performed by Trio

 Brantelid, Härenstam ,Sparf (march 2013):


CD Review from  Guitare Classique , (march-may 2013):

guitare classique ,mars-mai 2014